I have been here before.

Where did I imagine this?

If they’re waiting

I am waiting

I am seeing the red river explode in front of me and it is glorious.

In flame, my eyes are one with the fire, plasmatic and belvedere.

Attempting to manufacture deja vu, to validate the nostalgia of our idyllic moment,

my image of you inside on the air deck.

chopped wood and slow water on the iron.

soapstone soft and waxy

holding my stay

are lion, pegasus, rhino, and carpenter ants,

the latter always plural.

my basin ringing

my pelvic bone resting

my memories conflating

I will never leave.


Blessed is the monk who decides to move on and remain in the world of suffering

The misunderstood Boddhisatvae can never claim h1r claim

instead, portrayed exclaiming,



is what






am animated.


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